Sometimes my mind just drifts away, like a boat drifting away from shore

heading for the sea, which is filled with what if and what will be

and sometimes it happens in the deepest corner of my mind, oh pour

me a glass of wine, its bitterness suitable for this feeling of mine

a faint whisper or a song maybe, of what you were and could be to me

Your face, your voice your everything, resonating through my memory

like rings in the water first one and then another, one day after the other

I know “we” are in the past and that it would never last, but every

time I think I have it confined, it comes calling from the darkest alley of my mind

for even the biggest wave was once just a water ring, love is a wicked thing

Eventually I wake up from my deep thoughts, like waking from a nightmare

worse than dreams of torture and death, painfully I take a deep breath

and come back to reality, for here and now is where I should be, and somewhere

out there you are living without me, I will try to do the same in some degree

but sometimes it happens that my mind drifts away, and all the memories starts to replay