When you’re single and a cute guy at campus has been checking you out for months without approaching you and you don’t approach him because you’re tired of getting hurt by guys so he’s not really worth it and yet he is?

Yeah, I wrote a poem about that. 

A look, a glimpse, a glance,  

A fuel which ignites, a possible chance 

A flame in the dark, a spontaneous spark 

A beautiful Dalmatian, among the strays in the park

Catching my interest like that, bringing old feelings back,

What do you seek?

Why don’t you just say hi, why won’t you just speak

A mysterious figure, are you a prince or a beast?

Do you think I’m a delicate princess? For you to save or to feast 

If so, you are mistaken, this is a warrior to say the least 

Self-sworn to live a life of independence and responsibility 

where I’m self-sufficient, where I’m happy and free

To live my life without wounds which your kind tend to give me 

seductive substance seeping into my heart 

but it’s not that easy to tear this resolution apart 

A stare, a peek, a peep

If you don’t step up, my interest you will not keep